Saturday, November 8, 2014


I tell her my darkest secrets and my
deepest thoughts. She listens without
judgment or criticism; she is indifferent.

When I’m with her I feel at peace, nothing
else exists, it’s just her and me. Her presence
envelopes me until I am saturated with her.

On occasion I deny her, but her essence
always finds me and I can ignore her no
longer, for she is a powerful force.

The more time I spend with her the more
confident I become. She makes me feel 
pure, cleansed, and sensual.

Her fingers caress me, her touch is 
transcendent; it cannot be replicated.

Her eyes are sometimes as black as a 
moonless night when stars refuse to 
sparkle, and other times they are as blue
as a cloudless midsummer afternoon sky; 
they are mesmerizing.

She wears many different colors: florals, earth
tones, fiery, and shades of gray; they match
her ever-changing moods. She can be calm and
then become ferocious in a split second; she is 
hard to predict.

I am lulled by her sweet nothings. I hear her 
melodies in the rustling of the leaves, in the 
swaying tallgrass, in the effervescent water 
of the river, and I am transformed, forever.