Friday, January 9, 2015


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all! Thank you to all the people who have read the contents of my blog, to the people who followed through emails and Google+, and to the people who have posted comments; it is greatly appreciated. 

When I first thought about starting a blog I couldn’t decide what it was going to be about. I had a few stories on my computer and a file box filled with bits and pieces of things that I had written over the years. I tried to organize the stuff in the file box but that proved to be tedious work, so I just started entering everything into my computer and hoped for the best. When everything was entered I started looking around the house for more subjects to write about. I had recipes in the junk drawer, poems on the bookshelf, and pictures scattered around the house. I entered the poems into the computer as they were, but had to write something to go with the pictures, and for the recipes, well, I had to try them and mark exact measurements and ingredients before entering those, which was okay because I love to cook and bake. When I felt ready to start my blog, I noticed that I had quite a collection of different things in the documents folder to post. I also noticed that the length of the majority of pieces was short and that’s when I came up with the name and description for my blog: 1000 words er less. A collection of short stories, articles, and poems intended to entertain, inform, and consider. 

And this works for me since I don’t specialize in any one subject—I know a little about a lot—and I have many interests. And, at my age, I have a lot of life experience: the good, the bad, the never-ending. 

Over the course of 2014 there is one thing that I have come to know: blogging is hard. There is so much information on so many things and I got caught up in that, trying to put my own spin on the subjects I chose to write about and copying bits of works I wanted to share, all the while trying to figure out copyright laws. For a while I had information overload and just became confused and frustrated.  But I kept at it and kept posting and people started reading. 

This year I hope to become more creative in my writing as I continue to hone my craft.  My teacher has said that my writing was easy to read, which is what most editors like, and my friend taught me how not to use so many “ands.” Her constructive criticism and encouragement kept me writing. (After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.) So, I hope that you will continue to read my stories and such and continue to post comments on what you read. For now, please keep following me on my blog until you turn the crisp cream-colored pages of my first book.

P.S.  Hugs and kisses go to my husband and son for their patience and understanding when the laundry gets neglected and there aren't any towels to dry off with, when there's no real food in the fridge to eat, and when the pet hair rolls around on the floor like tumbleweeds in the desert.