Saturday, January 23, 2016


Lazy, lazy, I’ve become

I come home from work and I am done.

I feel so down when skies are gray

All I want to do is go to bed and lay.

I do the dishes and sweep the floors

But I can’t seem to finish my list of chores.

My workout routine has become mundane

I often leave it and go lay down again.

Once my weekends were full of adventure

Now they’ve become wrought with sleep and leisure.

2000 mg of Vitamin D I take per day

But I am still feeling thorough dismay.

I feel so very toxic and logy

My body aches and my mind is foggy.

I look at the calendar and I see

One more week then we’re in February.

I count six weeks for Daylight Savings Time to begin

And I feel a spark of hope, I almost want to grin.

I tell myself, I CAN DO IT, I’ll be okay

So what if I sleep most of my days away.

Why do I feel so pressured anyway?

To stay up or go out and play.

I’m entitled, I deserve to do nothing.

But wait, that’s why I feel so bad in the first place

From lack of fresh air and moving at a slow pace.

I’m so conflicted, I’m so tired

The primitive man is so wired!

HIBERNATE! my body screams

GET OUTSIDE! my mind decrees!

I can’t take this fight no more

So I’m going to get dressed and force myself out the door.

Oh! This maddening war has only just begun

Seven more weeks until it is done.

But I’ll try not to think of that today

I’ll just think, Boy, it’s a beautiful day

And breathe the cold, fresh air, feel it enter my body

Then contemplate life, Heck, it’s not too shoddy.