Friday, March 24, 2017


It was exactly one week later, and we were still brimming with excitement from winning $12,100.00 at bingo. I had left work at the end of my Friday night shift at 8pm and went to pick up my hubby at his workplace, which was not far from where I worked.

As I drove along, our conversation turned to food and we decided to grab a pizza before going home. As I approached a traffic light, a driver at the other side was in the left turn lane and seemed to be turning. I applied the brake and he stopped. The light was green, so I continued to drive. As I accelerated, the driver came right out in front of me. My hubby yelled, "Look out!" I turned the wheel to the right, but could not avoid it.

I was screaming, my heart was pounding in my chest, my legs were burning, I was stunned by the air bag, my wrist hurt, and I was going into a full-blown panic attack. My hubby got out of the car and came to my side to calm me down. He called 911.

As he was trying to calm me down and checking me for broken bones, the driver from the other vehicle got out and asked if we were all right. I started yelling at him. My husband did his best to control the situation, but the driver knew not to come forth. I was livid.

Everything after that is a blur. The police arrived and took statements, the ambulance came and took me to the hospital, the tow truck took the car, and within an hour, my hubby was driving a rental. I could not believe how efficient the situation was handled. 

After my wait at the hospital, I became calm. By the time I saw the doctor I had realized that I did not have any broken bones. My leg was starting to bruise, my wrist was swollen, and my neck hurt, but nothing was broken as confirmed by the doctor on call. I got a prescription for inflammation and pain, and was sent home.

The police told my hubby that the driver of the other vehicle was a young man who was only licenced to drive six months ago and that he had just drove that car off the dealership lot just an hour before. He admitted that he was at fault and he did not judge the distance properly.

The next day, everything hurt. My hubby’s legs were also badly bruised from the air bag. I was still trying to process the whole thing. And once again, we were back to our philosophical conversation about God, the universe, and why things happen. But we were okay, and that’s the main thing.

Our insurance providers handled our case promptly and we received a cheque for $12,217.56, almost the same amount I had won at bingo the week before.